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The Hessian President Volker Bouffier is visiting Loewe ZIB

Launching of the Institute for Insect Biotechnology at the University of Giessen

Andreas Vilcinskas and Volker Bouffier, here with JLU President Joybrato Mukherjee (right) and Rayko Halitschke (left), head of analytics at Loewe ZIB. Volker Bouffier appreciated the interdisciplinary approach at the Loewe ZIB and got an update on lates research as well as plannings for the new Fraunhofer institute building, with the ground-breaking ceremony coming in 2016 and moving-in in 2018.

Dr. Rayko Halitschke (links) und Dipl. Biol. Matthias Schott (rechts) im Gespräch mit Volker Bouffier.

During the minister's visit the JLU President also announced the launching of the new JLU institute for Insect Biotechnology, belonging to the Department for Agroscience, ecotrophology and environmental managment. This institute will also closely collaborate with the Department for Biology and Chemistry as well as the instutute for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the THM.

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hr Sommerinterview mit Volker Bouffier

picture copy right: JLU-Pressestelle / Rolf K. Wegst