LOEWE Center for
Insect Biotechnology
& Bioresources

Marius Spohn

Dr. rer. nat.

Group Leader

Phone: +49 641 972-19189

Email: marius.spohn@ime.fraunhofer.de

Room: A 211

Building: Fraunhofer IME - Neubau


since 2020 Group leader Molecular Microbiology in the Natural Product Department of Fraunhofer IME-BR
2016 - 2019 Research Scientist at Sanofi-Fraunhofer Center of Natural Product Research
2016 - 2017

Associated researcher at the University of Tuebingen.

Funded by the Innovation Grant of the Excellence Initiative Tuebingen.
01/2016 Completion of doctoral degree (summa cum laude)
12/2012 - 12/2015

PhD at the University of Tuebingen, IMIT, Dept. Microbiology/Biotechnology (Prof. W. Wohlleben).

“Exploiting Gene Regulation as an Approach to Identify, Analyze and Utilize the Biosynthetic Pathways of the Glycopeptide Ristomycin A and the Zincophore [S,S]-EDDS in Amycolatopsis japonicum"
2010-2012 Master of Science at the University of Tuebingen. (Biology / Specialization Biotechnology)
2007 - 2010 Bachelor of Science at the University of Tuebingen. (Biology)


  • Südwestmetall Nachwuchswissenschaftler-Förderpreis (2016)
  • Promotionspreis der Reinhold- und Maria-Teufel-Stiftung (2016)
  • Innovation Grants Life Sciences University of Tuebingen (2016)

Research Interests

  • Natural Product Biology: molecular biology of natural product biosynthesis and regulation, genome mining and metabolic engineering strategies.
  • Molecular and metabolic characterization of natural product producing microorganisms for applications in Pharma and Agro industry.
  • Bioactivity guided natural product discovery.


Edenhart S, Denneler M, Spohn M, Doskocil E, Kavšček M, Amon T, Kosec G, Smole J, Bardl B, Biermann M, Roth M, Wohlleben W, Stegmann E (2020) Metabolic engineering of Amycolatopsis japonicum for optimized production of [S,S]-EDDS, a biodegradable chelator. Metabolic Engineering, 60 , 148-156.
Spohn M, Edenhart, S, Alanjary, M, Ziemert, N, Wibberg, D, Kalinowski, J, Niedermeyer, THJ, Stegmann, E, Wohlleben, W (2018) Identification of a novel aminopolycarboxylic acid siderophore gene cluster encoding the biosynthesis of ethylenediaminesuccinic acid hydroxyarginine (EDHA). Metallomics, 10 (5) (2018) , 722-734.
Adamek M, Spohn M, Stegmann E and Ziemert N (2017) Mining bacterial genomes for secondary metabolite gene clusters. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1520 , 23-47.
Spohn M, Wohlleben W, and Stegmann E (2016) Elucidation of the zinc dependent regulation in Amycolatopsis japonicum enabled the identification of the ethylenediamine‐disuccinate ([S,S]‐EDDS) genes. Environmental Microbiology , 1249 , 63.
Spohn M, Kirchner N, Kulik A, Jochim A, Wolf F, Münzer P, Borst O, Gross H, Wohlleben W, and Stegmann E (2014) Overproduction of ristomycin A by activation of a silent gene cluster in Amycolatopsis japonicum MG417‐CF17. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy , 58 , 6185-6196.
Stegmann E, Albersmeier A, Spohn M, Gert H, Weber T, Wohlleben W, Kalinowski J, and Rückert C (2014) Complete genome sequence of the actinobacterium Amycolatopsis japonica MG417‐CF17 (=DSM 44213T) producing (S,S)‐N,N'‐ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid. Journal of Biotechnology , 189 (C) , 46-47.