LOEWE Center for
Insect Biotechnology
& Bioresources

Doreen Gerlach


Group leader

Phone: +49 641 972-19261

Email: doreen.gerlach@ime.fraunhofer.de

Room: D10.115

Building: THM


06/2017 Change of name (Heerd to Gerlach)
since 2016 Group leader at Fraunhofer IME (Gießen, DE)
2015 Postdoc at Institute of Bioprocess Engineering and Pharmaceutical Technology, THM (Gießen, DE)
2013–2015 Postdoc (ITN project: PHOTO.COMM) at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, DK) and at Algae Biotech (Weesp, NL)
2008–2013 PhD student at Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH (Bremen, DE)

Diploma in biotechnology at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, (Hamburg, DE)

2007–2008 Diploma thesis at Karl-Winnacker-Institut der DECHEMA e.V. (Frankfurt/Main, DE)

Research Interests

  • Development of processes for the fermentative production of biomolecules
  • Recombinant protein expression
  • Downstream processing


Burghardt JP, Fan R, Baas MD, Eckhardt D, Gerlach D, Czermak P (2020) Enhancing the heterologous fructosyltransferase activity of Kluyveromyces lactis: developing a scaled-up process and abolishing invertase by CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8 , 607507.
Mata-Gómez MA, Heerd D, Oyanguren-García I, Barbero F, Rito-Palomares M, Fernández-Lahore M (2015) A novel pectin-degrading enzyme complex from Aspergillus sojae ATCC 20235 mutants. Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture, 95 (7) , 1554–1561.
Heerd D, Diercks-Horn S, Fernández-Lahore M (2014) Efficient polygalacturonase production from agricultural and agro-industrial residues by solid-state culture of Aspergillus sojae under optimized conditions. SpringerPlus, 3:742 , 1–14.
Heerd D, Tari C, Fernández-Lahore M (2014) Microbial strain improvement for enhanced polygalacturonase production by Aspergillus sojae. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 98 (17) , 7471–7481.
Demir H, Göğüş N, Tari C, Heerd D, Fernandez-Lahore M (2012) Optimization of the process parameters for the utilization of orange peel to produce polygalacturonase by solid-state fermentation from an Aspergillus sojae mutant strain Turkish Journal of Biology, 36 (4) , 394–404.
Heerd D, Yegin S, Tari C, Fernandez-Lahore M (2012) Pectinase enzyme-complex production by Aspergillus spp. in solid-state fermentation: A comparative study. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 90 (2) , 102–110.
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